Step Sequencer with arpeggiator

You can do a lot with the LFO like changing the oscillator pitch but it is a real pain when designing riffs.
It would great and much easier to have a step sequencer to play the notes when you want to create advanced riffs.



I agree 100%. I enjoy using Hive’s built in Arp/Seq a great deal. I’m finding setting up Pitch Seqs in Vital quite fiddly in comparison. Matt’s Helm plugin has a simple Arp built in so I’d love to see it added to Vital at some point along with a Seq.


Thirding this.

Here’s me looking for the arpeggiator everywhere, realizing there’s none (outside the LFO tweaking) - :neutral_face:

Bought the Pro version as I certainly think this new synth has a lot of potential. Even at $80, it’s very reasonably priced for what it can do, judging by what I’ve seen and heard so far. Yet not having an arpeggiator/sequencer seems like a strange omission (that can be easily fixed in an update, pretty please)?

Aside from that, 1st post here, great synth. The interface is really well thought-out and beautiful.

I agree as well! The addition of a sequencer would be fantastic.

yes pls. cuz making arps in ableton midi roll makes me feel bad

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I understand the post, but I think adding a whole Arp module would clutter Vital and is not necessary. I’d rather see development focus on improving Vital’s sound quality and, perhaps, internal routing with separate Osc. to Env. options in some kind of “routing matrix.”

Yes, trying to do a phrases in Vital isn’t so easy at first, but, it is possible. I’m not expert at it at all, but some of the presets show the way. For me, adding an arp. is not what this instrument is about. It’s lack of having one had no influence on my decision to get the pro version. I’m here for the sound design.


It would be cool if there was a setting on the LFO that brings up a step sequencer like that, but also visually manipulates the shape of the LFO to the precise values of the sequencer and then you could make micro edits.

The X/Y coordinate system of the LFO’s does have the points snapping to the grid, I think. There are many ways to create complex, exact shapes to modulate Pitch and, of course, all the other possible targets in the the Instrument.

I could use some help understanding this better. Some more intermediate to advanced video demos on drawing LFO shapes and the general use of the different coordinate setups would be great.

Some of the Sequencer Presents show off the instrument’s capabilities.

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Yea… If i wanna make an arp i set the pitch modulation value to 12 or 24 or 36… however many octaves i want and divide 10 by the previous number. The resulting quotient is equal to 1 half step, I then input specific values (quotient x Number of desired semitones) to the LFO points resulting in the proper note xDDD
It is somewhat difficult yes lol


I’d love to see this too! I’m not sure why most wavetable synths (Serum, Massive, Massive X and now Vital) have omitted this. It’s extremely useful and can provide lots of inspiration when presets have patterns pre-programmed, especially for 303-like acid lines.

I would also be very happy about a (at least a simple) arpeggiator! There are ways to chain one in front of it, but that is not stored in the preset. And Vital clearly focuses the workflow. That would be a huge bonus in the workflow :+1:.

Here is a workaround. If you combine an LFO with a MOD, you can actually create a Arpeggiator.

Here is a good youtube explanation.


Hi, I bought the full version and really love that synth! :+1:

But yes, it absolutely needs a sequencer, great would be a polyphon sequencer!

“LFO sequences” are not the same, because for example you can’t create polyphon steps or chord modes or “auto arps” and so on! And creating “steps” with LFOs is a workflow stopper in every synth which only offers that!

A compromise solution could be a “step mode” like a piano roll view in the LFO section for example!

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Just out of curiosity. Why are people looking for a step sequencer in a VST? Why not just use a step sequencer plugin or even the DAW directly?


Steve Duda was just talking about this. He said he didn’t like idea of having sequencer inside sequencer when developing Serum. But now he has changed he’s mind and Serum 2 might have one.

Vital has oscilator scale that makes the LFO sequences quite easy.

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Hey There, From what I know, an Arpeggiator doesn’t seem to be on the list of priorities as of now, and while I can see a couple of use cases where having an arp can be useful, I haven’t found myself wanting one when creating patches. If you’re really want an arpeggiator with Vital, you can create a one-shot like sound and use an external arpeggiator to get past this.

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To digress from the topic as a general model for VST sequencer the two best I have are Omnisphere and Steinberg’s instruments Sequencers. If those two were combined into a super sequencer I’d love that. I like to be able to use chords and single notes and rests. Seq parameters should be able to be automated in the DAW. There should be multiple pattern slots available so allow variations within a part. It should be fun and easy to work with. There should be an ocean of excellent presets in various styles, etc.