Stand Alone mode - select MIDI input channel, not use OMNI

Not being able to select the Midi Channel in Vital stand alone mode means Vital plays every single note coming down all 16 channels all the time, which as you can imagine is not fun !

This is being controlled frmo a Keystep Pro, and the Keystep cannot send just one midi track down the USB cable - it mirrors all the other MIDI activity on all the DIN plugs.



If there is truely no way to set a MIDI channel on Vital, then I hope this will be implemented ASAP.
Like @flash.attglobal I am using a mixed hardware / software setup that relies on isolating the different synths by using different MIDI channels. Omni mode is literally a show stopper in such a setup.

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I agree. It should be standard practice for stand-alone synths to include a channel setting as a submenu of the device.

It may be possible in Mac’s AudioMIDI setup to create special devices (like a copy of a device) but with all but one channel switched off. But I haven’t tested this.

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I found a way to run Vital inside a VST container on Windows 10, ( VSTHost) and use that to filter the MIDI channel, but due to distortion type sounds (I assume driver issues) its practically unusable.

Vital in Stand Alone works much better, so adding a channel selector would be much preferable.

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Maybe try midiox. It´s a bit tricky, but very usefull with midi stuff.

You should be able to filter the channels vital is reciveing with it.


My setup is a Keystation Pro with the USB midi out/in going into the laptop. Does midiox intercept and modify the midi channels before they get to Vital Stand Alone ?

Just looking now… The main issues is that Vital hooks directly into the Keystep Pro Midi input (USB) and not the windows Midi mapper (which was removed in Windows 10 apparently)…

I’ll give it a go regardless, and thanks for the suggestion…

you probably need midi yoke (some kind of driver) for that too. it has 16 virtual midi ports.

Basicly you can see and manipulate every midi message with midiox.


I’m just going to agree with this. I use an Akai MPK Mini II, and have the keys set to MIDI Channel 1, and the Drum Pads set to MIDI Channel 2. This way I can play Hydrogen drum machine with the drum pads, and a synth with the keys. But with Vital using this ‘Omni’ mode - every time I use the drum pads it plays both the hydrogen drums and Vital.

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Kind of sad that Vital hasn’t added Midi Channel support for Jack drivers on Linux.

I tried MidiOx and Yoke etc. None did the job. It has to be in the software. Just being able to select the incoming midi channel would fix this in the stand alone version.

Matt, jack audio is like an inverted daw – so often there are many ways to solve problems with small tools outside a particular vst host or client.

So while in in my daw Renoise, I can set the vst midi channel input and output, I can do this in other ways.

You can achieve the same with the Carla plugin host, which will hook into the jack ‘web’. See my attachment for an example and feel free to message for questions.