SOund Editing on Vital

Greetings. I would like to know couple things:

1 - is there any way to modify Pitch Keyboard Tracking? I want to set it to zero for some reasons on some oscilators. Is there any way?

2 - is there any MASTER VOLUME on Vital ? practical use scenario: normal state of a oscilator ok, but when moving up the Modwheel, because of the modifications ocured in the sound, the overall volume is louder so I need to tame it down. Is there any other way beside using mod matrix slots with modwheel afecting each osc volume individually?

Many thanks


i suppose it’s the small white triangle just below the VU meters in the upper right section
on the right side of the preset browser slot and option buttons

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  1. Yes it’s “Note Track” in the Osc Options on the Advanced page. Shown here in its on state. Vital%20120920-1

  2. Muki is correct that is the Master Volume. You can even drag modulation to it and it’s also a Mod Matrix Destination Global>Volume


Wow guys… many many thanks… the interface is a little confuse somehow… thank you for your info, very valuable.

One more question:

  • is it just at me, or you had it happening also… when I assign modulations in MOD MATRIX, there are numebr for modulations rows: 1,2,3.etc… Well, after adding some modulations, it starts to automatically move modulations rows order, and it becomes pretty cumbersome to see where is each modualted source and destination.

  • also, is there in standalone application, a way to choose the tempo to wich everything syncs?

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For the shuffling of order, the devs designed Vital to have everything visual. This means that it will put simplicity in design over the matrix. I would like to see an option that can customize it though.

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You can click the column headings in the mod matrix table and it will sort everything by the heading you clicked on.

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Well, thank you pall…quite obvious, still I did not saw it before :smile:

Do you maybe know, is there the Envelope 1 by default the volume envelope for all 3 oscilators? How can I choose he envelope 1 to affect onl osc1…and the envelope 2, independently to affect only osc2, etc ? Many thanks for your time :slight_smile:


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Think of Envelope 1 as a Gate. Set it to be open with a 0 Attack and a maximum Sustain. Now set the levels on all of your Oscillators to 0 and then use Envelopes 2 through 6 (or any of the LFOs) to control the Oscillator levels.

[As far as I know, there is no way to make Envelope 1 only control the Oscillator(s) it is mapped to. It is a “master envelope” and will only function in that role.]

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Thank you Paul. Your solution makes sense :slight_smile: One more question and I am done for now :smiley: Do you maybe know if there is any way to choose the bpm to in Standalone App? I mean the BPM to wich everything syncs? (lfo, delay, etc etc)


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Sorry … not that I know of.

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Greetings people. New question :smiley:

I made a sound… but the Highs are way to strong in the last octave…

Is there any way to get somethingl ike a TRACKING EQ? so I can cut the high frequencies only in the upper octaves, but not in the mid and low octaves?

Many thanks for your time :wink:



Note as a Mod Matrix Source and EQ as a Destination ?

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Thanks. Will try. Any other options?

Greetings, and happ new year. Does anybody know why the Feature Request post is closed? Is there any other place where to request new features maybe? Many thanks

Well, any info? Many thanks guys :slight_smile:

Start a new topic. Add a title, and just to the right, choose Feature Requests as the category (in the box that defaults to Uncategorized.)

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