Sound Disappearing from Vital

Theres a signal coming from Vital, but nothing on the Channel its on. Yet if I duplicate the channel, that duplicate will behave normal. If I save the project and reload, the same issue arises on the newly duplicated channel. Does anyone else have this issue? Im currently on Ableton

This sounds more like an Ableton problem as your getting a signal from Vital. Does this happen with other synths?

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So far I havnt experienced it from anything but Vital.

Were are you seeing the signal from? Vital’s meters or Ableton’s?

In Vital the audio is playing that can be shown at the top right, and in ableton all the meters that display volume are green. Except for the main volume fader on the mix view :c

That really sounds like an Ableton routing issue to me; unfortunately, I don’t have Ableton so I won’t be of much use here.

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I figured it out. Portal was whacking out and preventing anything from coming through. Thank you thiughhhh