Sound Design Tip - Arp

If you want to modulate pitch with LFO to create an arp, drop hov, or similar sound. 24=1Octave. Where 24 is modulation amount and considering you have the lfo points to either top or bottom.

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I would like to know it to

If your modulation is bipolar, 24 give you +/- 12.
Set your lfo to y= 24, draw a straight line at 12, the middle: now, you can have +12,-12 semitones.
If you set up a scale or a global scale into the osc section, it depends of the number of notes your scale had.


Thank you for that useful tip. I’m just getting into the instrument (Pro Version) and very impressed it.

When time permits, some similar insights into using the LFO’s to generate syncopated or other rhythms would help me get more out of what Vital can do. I’ll spend more time working on it.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Useful info, Thanks mate. #Respect

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