Sound design question

Hi, I am a sound designer and I wonder if I can use any wavetable that comes with Vital and create new patches?
For example, not only use the factory wavetable data but use the Afro wavetables, or Databroth or any other wavetable that is inside Vital, and make new sounds, patches and then be able to sell those patches?
Thanks for any information.

yes, just don’t redistribute the wavetables as is.

Thanks for your replay.
So, you mean I can use any wavetable but don’t integrated it inside the Wavetable folder and offer just the presets folder as a “.vital” file?
Sorry if my English is not as good as I will like to.
Thanks again for any information.
All the best

Yes, you can use any wavetable to make your own patches, just don’t sell the wavetables as if they are yours. For example, if you sold a “Vital Wavetable Pack” but you didn’t make the wavetables yourself.
Any patches you create with the wavetables, you can use in any music or Vital Preset Pack you can sell commercially with no problems.

Your English is great :slight_smile: hope this helps, if you need français or español let me know I can translate!

Thanks for all your information and kindness.
And for willing to help also with translations.
Yeah it help me a lot.
So if someone play one of my patches and in the wavetable information it said that it is from (for example) the Afro wavetables, I will be good and legal to sell it?
Because I will be offering just the patch alone, the file “.vital”

Thanks again and All the best for you

Yes exactly, as long as the wavetable is part of the factory content for vital, and as long as the patch is something new/made by you.

In the EULA

Rights and Limitations
The provided SOFTWARE PRODUCTS can be used for commercial or non-commercial music and audio productions without the prior permission from VITAL AUDIO. All VITAL AUDIO software may be used to create samples for commercial products such as sample packs and sound libraries.
You are not permitted to redistribute presets, samples, wavetables, skins, LFOs or other media created from any unaltered VITAL AUDIO content distributed with the SOFTWARE PRODUCTS

Thanks so much! Appreciate a lot your help. Have a great day