Sound categorisation?

Hi. Perhaps I’ve missed it, but there seems to be no easy way to find the kinds of sounds one is looking for. There is a gigantic list of sound banks which seem to contain random types of sounds. It’s humanly impossible topreview all these sounds.

Is there a way to put the sounds in Types categories?

There should be preset tags such as “Bass, Pad, Lead” etc indicated in the patch/in the preset list under the category “Style” (usually beside the preset Author)

You can also mark your presets as favourites as well when you find some you like

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Thanks, I’ll see if I can find that.

Please see my screen shot – I cannot see anything besides my e-mail address at the top right.

Oh I see, sorry. I thought you were looking through the presets on Vital itself, not on the website. i assume that will be the only information available until you load them into Vital.

Maybe try check each creators own socials/links/stores if they might have any other information available?

Thanks for the reply. I’ll do as you suggest.