Sorting presets and packs in browse view?

Hey y’all.
I just paid for the $25 license for vital (I’m broke, I’d pay full if i could) and I was happy to see that came with more presets and packs. This all got downloaded the moment I fired up Vital, but I could not ID the stuff that had just been added. Am I missing something beyond sort by preset name/creator/style(more:type)/date_created?
When i sort by date created it’s when presets were created not added (makes sense) but because I like looking at these things to help me understand how the sausage is made, now these new learning opportunities feel like they’ve been drowned in the mass of stuff I’ve created or added since I first installed Vital.
Thanks! Peace.

You could always just temporarily move your user folder out of the vital directory, but aside from that, there isn’t a way to do that yet.

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