Some suggestions for the standalone on Linux

Resizing the window needs the following:

Minimum window size. I can make the window almost 1x1 pixel. There ought to be a minimum allowable resize in the small direction.

Maintain window proportions: I can resize the window so that it is super narrow and the GUI starts floating in the middle, and the elements start getting broken.

The titlebar in the linux launcher doesn’t show any audio output options so it’s not super obvious how to set up the i/o, when launching the standalone from the file browser by double clicking on the binary. In otherwords, I didn’t get any sound from it but it’s probably user error. (maybe the menu is in the gui, if so my apologies i temporarily forgot)

I’m not sure if the same issues apply to Windows or not.

this is what happens if i click on ‘vital’ in the mixer screen of Reaper. that’s about 200 x 300 pixels. I can resize it all I want but Reaper doesn’t want to remember the window size. also Reaper doesn’t want to always dock fx, but that’s not Vital’s fault either.

but isn’t it reasonable if Vital would not draw a GUI that’s smaller than its fonts can display on?

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for further illustration. no idea where the fault lies, just that I don’t see any reason Vital should need to be resizable to this size.