Some noise samples

Because of a lack of good samples for pink noise I wrote two python scripts to create samples by Fourier synthesis. The nice thing about such samples is that they are periodic. So playing them cyclically should not result in a click when the sample is restarted. The code and some generated samples are here: - Google Drive.


Just out of curiosity, how come duplicating, reversing, consolidating and then looping not produce sufficient results if the click is the problem?

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for telling me this trick! Now I know what the <-> button in Vital’s sample player is good for. :wink:

From a mathematical point of view the trick not perfect. Although you avoid the jump at the end point the slope of the waveform is not continuous. In a waveform which is designed to be ‘smooth’ (e.g. brown noise) you will generate a kink when you switch to reverse playing. Mathematically speaking, all odd derivatives are discontinuous. But I am not sure whether one can really hear this.

For field-recorded samples of course it is the best one can do.

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