Some Ideas to get organized

Whenever you open vital, you have a preset browser.
The preset browser looks organized, but i would like to request a feature of folder list of view (folder list of view i mean to like as you save your own sound design as a preset, you choose which folder to save it on if you have created any specific folders in your user folder, but if you haven’t created any specific folders then you saving it but not in specific folder) rather than double clicking on the folder and when you click the folder once it shows all of the presets.

Another idea i would like to request is, adding the number of presets for every specific folder on the right side of the list, would be much organized i would say.

Third idea i would like to request is, what if we could save our own LFO Shapes in our user folder.

I hope this would be an helpful request to get everyone organized!

I would also like to request nested folders for presets, wavetables, etc. If there are any folders within a folder when I click it, a dropdown that shows all of those folders would be super helpful. That way I can organize them however I like, and not have to manually add every single folder to the list.


You can do this type of organization right now. No need to add sub folders with that “Add folder” icon…


I guess it does have it. Would be nice to have some sort of arrow next to folders that contain subfolders, so I can see at a glance which ones have subfolders and which don’t.

I think we’ll eventually see drop-down indicators for banks and subfolders that have more folders nested inside them.


hmmm ok, interesting we’ll deal with that then.
but again, it was my thought to work easier to what i described rathen than uuhhh i’m lazy to open file explorer!
you know what i mean…