Some graphical bugs


I’m testing 1.5.1 beta in MacOS with my M1 MBA, found some stuff, nothing major but just wanted to let you know in case you might want to check these issues:

  1. Steppy glow in envelopes and LFOs, much more noticeable in envelopes with long decay times. Happens in Neo Junk by default, and in any preset if you make the decay time long enough. The point goes smoothly along the curve but the glow background/fill advances in steps.

  1. Waveform view goes out of bounds easily with the Spectral filter. This is the init preset, default spectral filter shape, just turned it down, but in the default position it happens too.

  1. The Delay effect visual representation cuts when using very low delay times even if feedback is at 100%, which keeps the delay sounding infinitely.

  1. The downsample effect visual representation is not really any close with what it does to the sound, it goes to a square shape too soon while the audio is still not that crushed. It’s a bit silly, but while the effect calibration is great (very linear feel), the visualisation is not (goes too quickly to a very crushed shape).


Yeah these issues were in the last build also. 1 and 3 are from graphics optimizations though I think I could easily fix the delay to have more bars now I have a faster rendering engine.

2 is actually how big the amplitude gets so it’s accurate but just has a larger amplitude than the display. The reason for this is normalization I’m doing (to keep the filter from making the signal really quiet) and the current phases of the waveforms harmonics. I don’t have a fix off hand for this but I’ve thought about some ways to make it look better, though I haven’t settled on anything yet.

4 I should definitely fix…


To be honest, 2 (the waveform amplitude) makes a lot of sense and I thought it would be something like that, just that it’s a bit weird right now. Maybe it’s because the name is drawn behind the waveform? If it was drawn over it, it would give a better depth feeling and make more sense. Just nitpicking though.

  1. Also found something else, the Chorus Amt and Chorus Freq labels are too big for their backgrounds in the Reverb effect. I can see you already shortened them (from Amount and Frequency), but still…

That’s all, thanks a lot for the work Matt. The change with this new version is really great, the synth is responsive AF now.

Oh yeah I didn’t realize the waveform was drawing above the text. I’ll switch that (and fix the reverb labels).


Hi there, I have a graphical bug. My skin is black after the upgrade to 1.51. I am on macOS 10.13.6

Is it to old or am I doing something wrong?


Lex (Xelo)

I’m pretty sure the skin format has changed so you might need to change some stuff on your skin file (or rework it from scratch?).

Oh my… thnx for your quick answer. I am a noob in these things. I have downloaded the pro skin, is that the one I should place somewhere??

Oh and in black I mean totally black. No GUI at all. I hear the sound of the initial saw. And I don’t know where to find or change a skin file.

I’m not that knowledgeable about skins, so maybe if you can’t see anything then it’s a graphics engine problem? @Tytel

OK, tnx again :slight_smile: I have reinstalled the 1.07 for now and hopefully the new 1.51 will work later.

I noticed the Compressor label isn’t quite as centered as the other effects titles and is pressed against the power button. If it’s an easy fix it would introduce an even cleaner interface for users with obsessive compulsive attributes.

I also noticed while checking out the theme editor there isn’t a way to close it without exiting Vital altogether.

Honestly these imperfections are insignificant, but I thought it’s worth letting you know. You’ve coded an impressive piece of software Matt, well done.

5/1 - Get more presets by text

Hi Matt, there is a small issue too with the Distortion effect module, when choosing Downsample mode, the Drive button which is used to decrease the sample rate displays values in “db”, that’s a bit odd :slight_smile:
Have a nice day and thanks a lot for this wonderful synth.