Some features I'd like to see in future versions

Some features I’d like to see in a future version of VITAL would be:

  • A “snapshot” feature you could use while creating a new custom preset of your own. To sort of return you to previous moments in your creation in which you’ve alighted upon an excellent sound… As it stands now, it’s very easy to “lose” cool moments in your experimentation by tweaking features… Sometimes even the slightest tweak you make can alter the cool sound you’d found, for VITAL is a delicate and sensitive little beast (one of its great qualities). A snapshot feature would enable you to experiment more freely, knowing that you can always return to a previous moment.

  • Similarly, an “UNDO” command might be swell, if you really have done something you wish you hadn’t.

  • Separate outputs available, say a stereo output per each Oscillator and Sampler… so you could send each of these to separate tracks in your DAW, if desired, for further in-depth tweaking of your sound.

  • While I wouldn’t need full-blown “skins” for VITAL (which dramatically changed its look), it might be kinda cool if it let you assign different RGB colors to your different oscillators and LFO/Envelopes/Randoms. It might help you make more sense of where all your Mod Matrix settings are going to… especially helpful if you are trying to “deconstruct” someone’s third-party preset.

Just some thoughts.

+1 and yes to snapshot
a pigment like history would be cool imho
a “compare” button
+1 and yes to “undo”