SOLVED: When applying delay to LFO, how do I set the starting point as set by the phase slider?

UPDATE: Solved! I had to connect the LFO to oscillators’ tune instead of voice tune for the part about delay, as well as setting the LFO to bipolar for a both positive and negative amplitude. An alternative way would be to not use the built-in delay knob, but another LFO envelope synced with the pitch LFO that completely negates pitch LFO time at first, but then activates the pitch LFO after a certain hold period.

Original Post:
I’m applying an LFO with a delay. While the phase slider does set the starting point of the LFO as soon as it starts, the held portion applied by the delay before the LFO doesn’t shift along. Is there a way I can make this happen?

For context, I want to make a pitch LFO, with its amplitudes being positive and negative respectively, instead of positive and center. Sure, I could shift the tuning knob itself, but given what I said about the delay portion of the LFO before, it starts from the lowest point (negative), which would make the start of the note out of tune.