[SOLVED] One patch is...out of tune, nothing repitched

Cylon Bass.vital (320.0 KB)
It’s a pretty simple patch but I cannot figure it out where this whole-step is coming from. I need to play an A to get a G. I certainly didn’t intend to change pitch and there isn’t anything I can see that would do it, yet it’s off. I checked that the midi note in is correct in my DAW and on other midi tracks and Vital patches. It’s only this one that is off.
I’d be grateful if anyone can try it and either 1) not reproduce this, or 2) suggest where it may be coming from.
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I think it’s the Shepard Tone Morph that’s causing the detune.

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maybe if sample is used not pitched correctly

I agree it’s the Shepard Tone morph causing the detune, if you change the morph to either zero% or 100% it’s in tune.

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Thanks all, it was the Shepard Tone morph. I didn’t keep a note playing while I set it initially and didn’t hear that it altered the pitch. I also think I had the sine tone louder. Clearly I don’t have perfect pitch =)
Now that I’ve adjusted it with a note playing the effect is obvious though unexpected. Now I"m curious to have a look into what that morph really does to understand the shift.

In my factory presets I believe I have a shepard tone patch from Matt Tytel that demonstrates the use of that morph. Let me know if you don’t have it.

Edit: in case you’ve not seen this …

Since this is the topic it seems, I was wondering if any of you can understand what I’m doing wrong here; I tried to create a shepard’s tone without resorting to the spectral effect… and I can’t.

Do you have a clue?

I’ve just watched this:

And from a quick look, a long release of the amp envelope looks to be important + volume of wavetables modulates differentlty to the pitch. Hope the video is useful.

There’s a “Shepard Tone Template” preset that comes with Vital. Just open that to see how to do it for one oscillator. (Basically uses the shepard tone warp mode and a saw wave LFO with no smoothing.)

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