Solo button on the oscillators

Title says it all — it’s slightly time consuming (a bit annoying) to have to turn off the other oscillators to solo one. A simple solo button would be awesome! Just below the on/off button … Thanks for considering @Tytel !


You could as well just disable the oscillators? :stuck_out_tongue: creates the same effect as a mute button.

Not talking about muting … i’m talking about soloing. You can one click for solo/unsolo, or up to three clicks to mute the others. Solo is up to three times faster, and user friendly.

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I’ve already run into this issue a ton and totally support. In addition to the UI, it would be nice to just right click (or maybe ctrl+click) the purple dot just to optimize workflow.


This would be quite handy :+1:

+1 … this was probably the first thing I was looking for when trying to deconstruct the provided patches.

Totally agree

+1 and yes - solo for OSC would be useful

Came looking for this FR; knew it had to be here.