So,i already need help with something XD

Im working on a kinda of big project, so my cpu realstate was limited.
I decided then to use the standalone version of Vital to work on my preset.Finished it, opened my daw and tried to open the preset from there,it gives me an error saying the preset was made in a newer version of the plugin.
Could you please help me figure this out?


Did you install the stand-alone version later, from a newly downloaded file?
Neither the download page, nor the installer indicate, which version they are. Maybe redownload the installer, and install both stand-alone and VST again. Automatic updates don’t seem to work, so updates need to be made manually.
Also, to save on resources, you could freeze the track in your DAW.

will try everything you mentioned, thanks for the reply!
i did reinstall it once since vst3 was not properly working and i just wanted vst2 and standalone,but,as said,i reinstalled both vst2 and standalone i just didnt want vst3.

OK so i managed to solve it, its nothing wrong with the plugin, it was just a stubborn undeleted older version of vst3 i still had to remove.
thanks alot for the feedback though.

I’m glad that’s sorted out.:+1:

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