Small but Creative FX Ideas (Juno-like Chorus / Distortion Curves / Stereoizer FX / Reverb Types)

Hello Matt! Thank you very much for the work you have put on this software!
I am a music composer and sound designer who has been working and using vital on my last projects and I am amazed of the capabilities of it, however I would like to tell you some ideas that may be added into vital FX.

1. A JUNO-6 inspired chorus mode: I know it is kinda cliche-y but it really spices the sound in the way it was done in the 80s and shaped the synth sounds we all have heard sometime, so if you could add a chorus mode that grabs inspiration from the Juno one would be really great to have it built in into the vital FX rack to chain it into the other fx.

2. More Distortion Curves: or even a drawable Waveshaper built in into the distortion effect, to add some warm (full wave/half wave rectifier) or analog modeled distortion shapes for tube, tape and more non-linearities to shape and modulate the drive and have more dramatic effects.

3. Stereoizer Effects: A widening section with different stereoizer (mono compatible) algorithms can be really good to spice up a sound, like a comb + negative comb filtering on L and R channels respectively, a little Ping Pong Inverted Phase Haas effect (Sheppi), or even an inspired hyper/dimension module like the one on xfer that are fine-tuned stereo delay lines.

4. More Reverb Algorithms: I don’t know how hard it is to make a good sounding Plate and Spring reverb algorithms, but if more reverb algorithms can be added would be really great to shape and modulate them, even a Shimmer algorithm (a larger than life - pitch shifted feedback) for pads and drones.

Those four are some main small ideas I have that can be added to vital that can expand the current pallette of colors Vital has to offer to the sound design, I also have the idea of a Multi-tap delay but I know it can be complicated to elaborate a good UI/UX on it in a reduced space but it can be good as well, but for me those starting 4 are a really great next addition to vital to expand its capabilities!

Take care Matt and keep doing great, cheers!

Jose A. Macias


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