Skins Or Skin Creator?

I would love to change the look of Vital to something more colorful a bunch of skins would be nice or a skin creator.
Very powerful synth but its down right depressing to look at for long

Like Native Instruments Reaktor that allows you to skin the entire interface right down to the buttons.


Any form of skinning is currently not available for Vital.

Honestly I think it is good there aren’t any skins yet because once you implement a skin into an instrument you lose the ability to change core functionality. If skins were immediately introduced, it could prevent bug fixes / new additions because it would break those skins. That’s one of the big issues that Steve Duda faced when working on Serum.

A skin Editor would be welcome just for ability to choose the colors you want. It can easily be updated along with any new features.

But that’s not something I would want until some time down the line. Ironing out the issues that are inevitable with any new release should come first.