Skin Sharing Thread

clean2.vitalskin (15.0 KB)


Nice skin and good file naming. Thanks.

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Mi intento de Skin, no pude adjuntar nada :frowning:

watch data broth making devilish sounds with the diabolic skin!


This explains why I’m having such a hard time figuring things out… I have a test skin with no green enabled and yet I’m seeing green modulation knobs…go figure

Sorry, just tried replying to a 4 months old post (issues with modulation knobs in skin designer…)

i’m currently looking at your test skin, need some time to figure out what’s going on there


ok i probably confused myself before. happens sometimes when taking a “quick look” at something.

the little “popup” modulation circles are determined by the “global” rotary arc.
those popups will look the same anywhere on the gui.

the modulation buttons that can be set individually with the rotary arc for each section are the destinations of modulations. those from the screenshot as well as for the macros.

hope this makes more sense now. sorry for that misleading info before!

Thank you for spending some time trying to understand what’s going on. But still I’m not getting it.
I got the ones in your picture already, the ones inside the modulators.
However, in my test skin, there are green and one yellow pop up modulation knobs in the oscillator zone (they show up when you hover the destination area or click one source modulator knob in the “LFOx”, “ENVx” small knobs).
But… in my skin definition file no green nor yellow colors are enabled at all, at least according to what the skin designer is showing!
How can it be?

Oh some news… it seems the modulation “pies” pop up in the destination change colors depending on what source modulator has FOCUS :open_mouth:

Will investigate more… but now I’m supposed to make some music after three evenings scratching my head :slight_smile:

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well, this thing is a little glitchy behavior of the gui. it tends quite often to use the colors of a previously loaded skin for the popup mod circles.
only solution i know is to close and reload everything to force a refresh (works mostly, but still not 100%).

adding two screenshots, might be interesting for others as well

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This is utterly useful and confirms what I’m seeing as well (including the Skin Designer glitches).
Thank you so much!

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Thanks everyone who shared a skin! There are some really nice ones on here. It has been very useful since I’ve been spending a lot of time creating presets for Vital. Its nice to look at a different skin every once in awhile.


Adding to this: to be sure the skin designer is up to date with the skin you’re working on make sure that:

  1. You load the skin FROM the skin designer, don’t load the theme in Vital and then open skin designer
  2. After you load the skin in skin designer, select some category other than “All” and then select back “All”. I found sometimes the color widgets don’t update to the loaded skin settings, by doing this an update seems to be forced.
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yelow gray color.vitalskin (14.3 KB)

2 weeks of work. and here is my first skin made.


great one!
looking forward to check it out tomorrow, unfortunately no time for it today :sob:

How do i install skins?

Open Vital, go to the Advanced tab, at the bottom you see Display underneath that it says Skin, click that.
You can put all the skins you collected in your user folder named Skins

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Hey, made this dark, edgy, red skin yesterday. No blue light for me por litle sight beans. Hope ye like it!

Well, shoot. Can’t upload 'cause I’m a noob. Brilliant. Well … umm there. It’s on gumroad, but it’s free. Don’t worry. Be happy.

It’s here, lol.

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I love the way the filter section looks - it’s like it is literally on fire down there!

Thx, man! That’s kinda what I was going for so I’m glad someone else thinks it turned out that way!