Skin Sharing Thread

For Bitwig users! I hope you like it :blush:


Well, for all you fellow crazy Ableton-Live-light-theme-fans out there, you might enjoy this


Nice. I’m in with Bitwig!

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Halloween-Skin Request, (Serum?) Skin-Problems And More!

These are all great skins, you guys.
It’s hard to choose, and sometimes maybe it makes sense to switch, depending on the week, weather or mood.

That said, which skin(s) would you recommend…

a. …for after just getting home late at night after a few drinks but before you hit the sack? (Maybe you just broke up with someone.)
b. …on a gloomy, dark, damp, cloudy day?
c. …on a cool, calm, clear, moonlit evening?
d. …when you are extra-happy?
e. …when you are depressed/bummed-out/sad?

A bit more seriously, the skin I’m using (I am on another computer without it, but I think it’s the Serum skin), while great, has a bit of a problem in that when I’m choosing a preset, the light ocean-blue highlight makes the white of the text difficult, if not impossible, to read.

That aside, would anyone like to create a skin that looks somehow diseased or at least rashy that might need a little prescription ointment perhaps? Something for Halloween?

Loving all the skins they looks sick, and honestly, brings a whole new aesthetic to sound design and stuff.

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KRC Mathwaves Theme

Cool WAV - KRC Mathwaves Theme.vitaltheme (64.5 KB)

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For anyone that uses my theme, I have updated it to fix all the issues I didn’t catch, especially the redo button being a bright white when no redos are available lol. Also made a few design changes. Still haven’t figured out how to fix the bank export colors though.

Download link in the message I replied to.

could you reup please?

Skin I brewed today for myself!!! I am so happy how it turned out!!!


White Balanced.vitaltheme

White Balanced.vitaltheme (68.1 KB)


I made one inspired by that picture, White Balanced.vitaltheme

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Are Themes different than Skins?
Ive been able to install skin files, but not themes.
Some really cool looking ones here.

There’s only .vitaltheme These files do reside in the user folder ‘skins’ which can be misleading.

Thanks for responding.
So do i need to make a skins and themes folder? Would like to try out some of these themes, as they look different form the skins.
Edit: I have only seen and been able to use the files, not themes.

I think the file type changed from .vitalskin to .vitaltheme when Vital updated to ver 1.5.5

They are interchangeable and are all one and the same; a style theme that can be applied to Vital. It’s just that the ones made in 1.5.5 can make use of functions like glow, bloom etc when running ver 1.5.5 and older ones can not.

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Ah ok i see. KInd of thought it was just an update or something.
I downloaded 1.07 i think, I’'l try 1.5.5 version and see if that works with the theme files.

Updating to 1.5.5 fixed it. Thanks for your advice.

hello, very nice color design. captures the mood for synthwave or psytrance music very well.

Some variations on my multicolor skin

Multicolor_C.vitaltheme (74.2 KB)
Green Line.vitaltheme (114.3 KB)
Multicolor_B1.vitaltheme (115.9 KB)
Multicolor_B.vitaltheme (115.9 KB)

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