Skin Sharing Thread

cyan grey looks great!

Thanks for double checking. Really good work with your design. Thanks for sharing it.

I will check that later. :+1:

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Sick modern Theme. Thanks man.

Cyan Gray 1.1.vitalskin (10.1 KB)
I just updated the skin, the “X” in the popup browser was the same color as the background in 1.0.


I just made a few skins themed after Ableton Live’s mid-light, mid-dark, and dark look and feels (standard brightness, color intensity = 0).

I really was trying to nail the darker ones; mid-light didn’t come out so great (sorry if you use mid-light).

I used the included bash script to generate them; maybe this will be helpful to others in generating other Ableton-friendly skins. If you use different brightness or color intensity, I think all you have to do is change out the PANEL1, PANEL2, and PANEL3 variables.

Shoutout to @legowoodtrashcan for the jumping-off point!

EDIT: somehow I uploaded everything but the *.vitalskin files! Attached ZIP archive ( now has the vitalskin files and the bash script.



mid-light: (8.1 KB)


Fixed the colors on the preset browser and also tightened up the mod meters around the dials.

Cyan Gray 1.2.vitalskin (10.1 KB)


Sorry, I thought the issue was in the preset browser.

I think it’s ok now.

Colors_1.2.vitalskin (10.5 KB)

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a very dark skin i’m using mostly at night

Dark Matter.vitalskin (13.5 KB)

EDIT April 2nd
slightly reworked the wavetable editor. thought it would benefit from adding a bit more color to it.

Dark Matter - 02apr21.vitalskin (13.6 KB)


Thanks for the notice, but, unfortunately, the same issue persists. Perhaps it’s a Windows thing?

I really like the skin, but the Save Presets dialogue still has the same problem as the previous.

Either change “Overlays > Preset Text” for a different text color

or “All > Text Editor Background” for a different color of the background


The latter will affect some other things.

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Thanks, I’ll try them out. It will help me dip my toe into skin editing.

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I notice that the same White Text on Yellow Background appears in a few other places. I’ll try your second suggestion later. I like this skin, but it just needs a few little adjustments. If I get it tweaked better I’ll post here. If you adjust it let us know. :slight_smile:

yea wanted to give you some kind of starting point :wink:
but i’m not exactly sure why you’d need that in this case. this issue seems to be fixed by the original poster. are you sure you’re using v1.2 he posted?
(the screenshot shows how it looks for me, didn’t change anything myself)

I thought I was, but I reloaded it again and it seems to be better and looks like the screen you posted.

I really like this skin. In looking at it even further now, I notice the Mod Remap doesn’t have the nice colors to match the other LFOs. If that’s a design choice, that’s cool, but I think it would look good to have the Mod Remap’s colors match the other LFOs.

Anyway, thanks for posting and for the good skin design.

if you want to match that look “copy” the colors used under “lfo” to “modulation matrix” (you can ignore all those that are deep black). replace all the yellow ones with the colors from the lfo.

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a skin where i was more or less testing things…


Fixed a couple things that i noticed and tried to make things nicer overall

Cyan Gray 1.3.vitalskin (10.0 KB)


You know if you changed the background to neutral grey this might be an awesome theme. A bit too rough on my eyes as is…

Man, you nailed it. Color scheme is very slick, and you added just the right amount of depth. Nicely done!