Skin Sharing Thread

Snfk can you make more skins like the red.this is one of the most amazing looking skin for vital.

It Looks good

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Which skin is looks awesome

Just a lil info, keep in mind that a white circle is used for a bypassed automation!

posted it earlier in this thread >> Skin Sharing Thread

PhasePlant for Vital

PhasePlant.vitalskin (12.7 KB)


You may want to mention an explicit license for skins (ex. CC-BY-SA 4.) If someone wants to distribute a skin pack (like linux maintainers building from source) they don’t have to deal with any permission shenanigans if its explicitly labeled :sweat_smile:

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oh, man. This is sick.

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this reminds me of faw circle2

The closest skin identical to Serum I can possibly make. :smile:


Does anyone know what those parameters in the Skin Editor are actually used for?

“All” > “Widget Center Line”
“Overlays” > “Widget Accent 1”

Just can’t figure out what those are doing…

for those interested, i’ve updated two skins i posted before
this post >> Skin Sharing Thread

first is envelope “outline”

second one is not used probably.

i use pink to find quickly what is affected by a parameter.


thanks for responding.

Matt also answered on Discord
“widget center line is only used in the lfo/env
not sure if the other is used
might be things like the autodownload spinner”

I’m making a skin to fit my personal taste but can’t seem to get the Osc 3D view right.

Notice in the first screenshot there is less definition. While the default skin in the second screenshot looks much more detailed. Any suggestions? I realize the 3D view is little more than eye candy but I’d like to finish this last bit to make it right.



Thanks for any suggestions.

think you have to experiment with alpha at:
widget secondary 1+2
widget accent 1+2

widget accent 2 is probably what you want. try alpha 20-30


Ahhh that was it thank you. Adjusting Alpha did the trick. :+1:

Here’s an all orange theme. Everything is orange including FX etc. The good thing about this is I can make color variations by simply doing a Find/Replace of the Hex values. I may do some more tweaks to the 3d view and other values.

Tek Vital Orange 04.vitalskin (10.8 KB)


White green.vitalskin (9.1 KB) PhasePlant-green.vitalskin (12.7 KB) Green Tea.vitalskin (11.5 KB)
I turn 2 skins in green, White Out and PhasePlant, and made one.


Great skin.