Skin Sharing Thread

You can just Place them in the Skins folder in your user folder if you don’t see that folder just make one.

you can even put them in a folder called “Skins” above your user folder
on the mac this would be

Does someone have found out where this green circle get its colour from?

I believe that if you create a “Skins” folder within your User folder (i.e. at the same level as your User/Presets folder), then Vital will pick up those skins and show them in the dropdown ‘skin selector’ on the Advanced tab.

I think it’s the parameter under “All” > “Modulation Meter Control”.
But this seems to be sort of buggy. I noticed that it quite often recalls the colors from a previously loaded skin. Makes it a bit tricky to edit…


Two skins I made

EDIT March 15th
fixed some issues (esp. the wavetable editors) and made a few adjustments on both skins

updated versions attached below
BioCurry.vitalskin (10.5 KB) Brownie.vitalskin (11.6 KB)


biocurry… :joy::joy::joy:


Thank you.

Maybe this colour is defined in the code and not (only in) the skin.

It seems that there is only one modulation colour!? Not sure about that…

UwU lol
Great skin

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Yes seems that modulation sources (Envelopes, LFOs, Randoms) are sharing the same color for the circles. Was hoping to be able to define those colors individually under let’s say “Lfo” > “Modulation Meter Control” (those that are all black), but that’s not working.
Only the circles for modulation destinations will have different colors, which is set by the “Rotary Arc” for e.g. the Filters.

Not sure about that, but I don’t think so tbh. I guess it’s intentional that the mod sources have the same colors. [EDIT: noticed that it’s pretty much nonsense what I wrote there lol. Of course it has to be coded “somewhere”. But it doesn’t seem to be in the Skin Editor, nor in the .vitalskin file, nor in the file “” under C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\vital (on Windows, don’t know the equivalent on Mac/Linux). So it’s probably in the source code, idk.

And there’s still the thing that this is a bit buggy. Similar to the glitch with the tabs on top which won’t switch the colors when changing the skin. With the difference that the tab colors update when clicking on a tab. The mod circles often refuse to change the colors at all. I’m attaching two short clips, first one shows the tabs glitch, second one shows the mod circles having colors that actually don’t belong to the skin loaded.

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hmm. on my mac, that vital folder is in my user library>audio>presets folder (with all my presets; i made a skin folder there as well). just mentioning!

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What I mean here is …/Vital/User/Skins

I’m on a mac too, and I’m pretty sure my vital folder has changed location since the first install. That is, I think my Vital stuff was in user library initially. I then thought I was missing some presets/wavetables and so I deleted everything and re-installed and now Vital stuff lives in ~/Music/Vital/…

my preset folder is zipped since 1.0.8?

Interesting. I’m on 1.0.7 (haven’t seen a mac 1.0.8 build).

Sea.vitalskin (10.1 KB)


It could be made in the skin… so it‘s 50/50 chance…

What is sure for me, everything else is in another file, but haven’t found the file yet. On Mac it should be easier because the files aren’t contained… but we could take a look at github too.

Compared to Webdesign we have the css file - where (not all) optical definitions are made but we miss the index…

krel vital skin .vitalskin (10.3 KB)


Snfk can you make more skins like the red.this is one of the most amazing looking skin for vital.

It Looks good

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Which skin is looks awesome