Skin Sharing Thread

Thanks everyone who shared a skin! There are some really nice ones on here. It has been very useful since I’ve been spending a lot of time creating presets for Vital. Its nice to look at a different skin every once in awhile.


Adding to this: to be sure the skin designer is up to date with the skin you’re working on make sure that:

  1. You load the skin FROM the skin designer, don’t load the theme in Vital and then open skin designer
  2. After you load the skin in skin designer, select some category other than “All” and then select back “All”. I found sometimes the color widgets don’t update to the loaded skin settings, by doing this an update seems to be forced.
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yelow gray color.vitalskin (14.3 KB)

2 weeks of work. and here is my first skin made.


great one!
looking forward to check it out tomorrow, unfortunately no time for it today :sob:

How do i install skins?

Open Vital, go to the Advanced tab, at the bottom you see Display underneath that it says Skin, click that.
You can put all the skins you collected in your user folder named Skins

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Hey, made this dark, edgy, red skin yesterday. No blue light for me por litle sight beans. Hope ye like it!

Well, shoot. Can’t upload 'cause I’m a noob. Brilliant. Well … umm there. It’s on gumroad, but it’s free. Don’t worry. Be happy.

It’s here, lol.

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I love the way the filter section looks - it’s like it is literally on fire down there!

Thx, man! That’s kinda what I was going for so I’m glad someone else thinks it turned out that way!

wow guys all these skins are amazing!
good job!!!

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Here’s a skin that’s inspired by our newest pack, Machina: Future Riddim for Vital.
Black_Lotus_Audio_Machina.vitalskin (12.7 KB)


PresetShare_v1_1.vitalskin (13.3 KB)


I kinda feel like a kid seeing Commodore64 for the first time.


Very awesome, very CLEAN!

new skin

dark red modern.vitalskin (13.3 KB)


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Serum Promethium Skin

Just doing my best to copy the Promethium skin from Serum to Vital

Promethium.vitalskin (11.5 KB)


Just made this skin!

Blood Red.vitalskin (10.6 KB)


Amazing! Best skin.

i noticed when a custom skin is loaded, that if you click the “load custom skin” button again to load a different custom skin, nothing happens. no operating system dialog box opens. anyone else experience that?

No I just tried it and was able to load several customs skins in a row without a problem. I’m on Windows 10.