Skin Sharing Thread

holy smoke lmfao, this skin seems to have its’ own life.
now it’s looking even more diabolic than before :japanese_ogre:
absolutely not what i had in mind, but for some reason it wants to look like this. my naming ideas went from “(red) light district” to “lava” and now i think there’s no way around to call it “diabolic” lol

it’s not finished yet, can post it probably tomorrow or the day after


(HOTTER!!! :fire:)


That’s pretty Metal boys


I want to make a tutorial while using this skin


that would certainly be my pleasure, but i’d recommend taking a look at it first. it might be a bit too over the top for a tutorial…
posting it soon

so here’s the diabolic skin.
this will be the last skin i’ve done for quite some time, i really need a break from it…
and because of that i was experimenting with some things i haven’t tried yet. hope it’s not too crazy.

EDIT Apr 6th
changed the body color in the fx section and made some adjustments.
kept the former version with the darker fx section alive, this one also contains the adjustments. screenshots updated.
i believe this is the final version, don’t think there’s anything that wouldn’t work.

Diabolic-06apr21.vitalskin (19.1 KB)

Diabolic-darkFX-06apr21.vitalskin (19.1 KB)


Cool! Reminds me of Native Instruments Reaktor :smiley:


i’m reminded of another product, cheese machine or something… oh wait triple cheese synth comes to mind, funny how the mind works.

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Thanks a lot for creating and sharing the Serum style skin!!! … Love it! :heart_eyes:

decided to put a pack with 5 skins i made on gumroad.
certainly for free, but with the option to make a donation. includes one skin i haven’t posted here. nothing fancy, just a variation of the “blue feelings” skin


good stuff thanks for sharing

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And i was bored again so I made a light mode for the people who are into that sort of stuff.


thats pretty awesome! Looks a lot more like live 9 because of the use of orange instead of yellow.

Interesting - I’m pretty sure I got that orange directly from my Live 11 UI.

clean2.vitalskin (15.0 KB)


Nice skin and good file naming. Thanks.

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Mi intento de Skin, no pude adjuntar nada :frowning:

watch data broth making devilish sounds with the diabolic skin!


This explains why I’m having such a hard time figuring things out… I have a test skin with no green enabled and yet I’m seeing green modulation knobs…go figure

Sorry, just tried replying to a 4 months old post (issues with modulation knobs in skin designer…)