Skin Sharing Thread

I notice that the same White Text on Yellow Background appears in a few other places. I’ll try your second suggestion later. I like this skin, but it just needs a few little adjustments. If I get it tweaked better I’ll post here. If you adjust it let us know. :slight_smile:

yea wanted to give you some kind of starting point :wink:
but i’m not exactly sure why you’d need that in this case. this issue seems to be fixed by the original poster. are you sure you’re using v1.2 he posted?
(the screenshot shows how it looks for me, didn’t change anything myself)

I thought I was, but I reloaded it again and it seems to be better and looks like the screen you posted.

I really like this skin. In looking at it even further now, I notice the Mod Remap doesn’t have the nice colors to match the other LFOs. If that’s a design choice, that’s cool, but I think it would look good to have the Mod Remap’s colors match the other LFOs.

Anyway, thanks for posting and for the good skin design.

if you want to match that look “copy” the colors used under “lfo” to “modulation matrix” (you can ignore all those that are deep black). replace all the yellow ones with the colors from the lfo.

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a skin where i was more or less testing things…


Fixed a couple things that i noticed and tried to make things nicer overall

Cyan Gray 1.3.vitalskin (10.0 KB)


You know if you changed the background to neutral grey this might be an awesome theme. A bit too rough on my eyes as is…

Man, you nailed it. Color scheme is very slick, and you added just the right amount of depth. Nicely done!

Hey thanks! I’m glad you enjoy it. I wanted to make some pretty, but easy on the eyes still. Because i’m staring at the thing for hours at a time lol

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yea the main thing i was testing was to apply some kind of “glow” effect on the knobs. that part turned out pretty good i think, forget about the rest.
like you indicated i might be able to use this skin as a starting point for a “real” one. that pretty much was the purpose.
the problem might be to achieve this with more subtle colors, i’m not a fan of screaming colors either. colors of body, shadow, knobs etc really need to fit together.

btw, although i don’t own diva, i really like this skin you did for it :+1:


Looks Epic, makes me want to eat some Flamin Hot Cheetos :fire::tiger:

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lol yeahhh


holy smoke lmfao, this skin seems to have its’ own life.
now it’s looking even more diabolic than before :japanese_ogre:
absolutely not what i had in mind, but for some reason it wants to look like this. my naming ideas went from “(red) light district” to “lava” and now i think there’s no way around to call it “diabolic” lol

it’s not finished yet, can post it probably tomorrow or the day after


(HOTTER!!! :fire:)


That’s pretty Metal boys


I want to make a tutorial while using this skin


that would certainly be my pleasure, but i’d recommend taking a look at it first. it might be a bit too over the top for a tutorial…
posting it soon

so here’s the diabolic skin.
this will be the last skin i’ve done for quite some time, i really need a break from it…
and because of that i was experimenting with some things i haven’t tried yet. hope it’s not too crazy.

EDIT Apr 6th
changed the body color in the fx section and made some adjustments.
kept the former version with the darker fx section alive, this one also contains the adjustments. screenshots updated.
i believe this is the final version, don’t think there’s anything that wouldn’t work.

Diabolic-06apr21.vitalskin (19.1 KB)

Diabolic-darkFX-06apr21.vitalskin (19.1 KB)


Cool! Reminds me of Native Instruments Reaktor :smiley:


i’m reminded of another product, cheese machine or something… oh wait triple cheese synth comes to mind, funny how the mind works.

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