Skin designer question: arc styling, knob handle styling

I notice the ends of the knob arcs are rounded in most cases. is there a parameter to make the ends of the arcs flat instead of rounded? also the same for the knob handles.

I’m doing some work on the Phase Plant Type GUI. I was also wondering what controls the thickness of the glide slope.

Hey that looks pretty good!

There isn’t a way to flatten the knob arcs at all or the thickness of the glide slope unfortunately.

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it seems like i caused some transparency in the black keys, which parameter is that?
hm… maybe i made an overlay the wrong color.

The area to change that is in KEYBOARD and Widget Secondary 2.

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strangely enough, the transparency for me went away after changing the “widget rounded corner” parameter from 0 to some other value.

I’m pretty sure the white keys are locked/linked to the background. The transparency for the black keys worked for me to change it to FF333130. Here’s a screen shot.

I messed something up, can’t seem to make the popup browsers background opaque.

phase_plantish2_wip_18.vitalskin (7.9 KB)

I’m not sure what you mean?

Can you post a screen shot?

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I fixed it. for some reason the rounding on a body likes to be greater than a value of zero, otherwise the opacity doesn’t work. This isn’t true in all cases, but I believe that was what was causing the problem. It takes a while on windows 7 to make a theme because every once in a while i need to log off because the default theme randomly loads and overwrites the skin designer. But for now, I shared it to the skin thread, thanks for your help Tony!

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Happy to hear you found a solution! Nice wok :grinning::+1: