Skin Designer Issues

I made this topic not directly to request Matt Tytel to fix it (because it’s up to him and I trust that he will fix it at the right time), but to share issues about the skin editor so people can be aware about these issues while making skins, especially newbies.

Skin Designer Issues at Vital v1.0.8:

1.) You can’t change every part (color, corner, size, etc.) of the voices tab at the “Voice” section, but it could be changed at the “Keyboard” section, modifying both voice tab and keyboard tab, which is misleading.

2.) Mod Amount Arc Size/Thickness can’t be changed. (Note: Mod Amount Arc-measures the modulation amount, Mod Meter Arc-measures the live modulation)

3.) Popup Browser > Body’s color (the background color of the popup browser when you select wavetables/samples/filter, and the background of the text at the bottom of when you tweak a knob) sometimes doesn’t update in the filter section when you select a filter. I think it’s just a strange behavior that can be fixed by closing and opening Vital. (Don’t forget to save your skin first!)

Feel free to share your bugs and issues about the skin designer too, hope this helps!