Skin designer detailed info request


trying to figure out the Skin Designer details.
I guess (and seem to understand) this is not - yet - meant as an official tool for skin creators, rather something to support Vital devs to build new skind more easily.

But… I have seen videos on how it works, and I think I got how it works, but there some things I don’t fully get.
I guess the color items are the same for all sections, but they are not actually used in all sections, even when checking the items to have them override the global settings.

Furthermore in some cases the changes are not immediately activated (for examples with the text colors in the header tabs, I have to change the selected select tab to have the color actually update even though the skin is reloaded at each change).

Also, why there are two colors for many items (Primary 1, Primary 2 etc.)

And finally, to make a concrete example, I’m trying to redefine the color of automation bars and the “pies” that appear in the specific sections, but I havent figured out so far how things work… is there some kind of explanation, official or not, out there that can help in this regard?


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I agree, there are so many variables to work with, it looks pretty overwhelming, keeping a backup of your original skins is a must so that you can have something to go back to if you foul in the meantime, observing the effects of your changes, taking note of those effects and backing up are the best plan of action for the time being.

Yes thanks, I’m also trying this: set almost everything in the “All” section to full pink, to screw it and see what can be overridden in the single sections. It’s a fairly long and fatiguing path but in the end helps understanding how it works… and I’m progressing somehow in making my own customization of the mighty “Colors” skin, almost rebuilding it from scratch with all the changes I want :slight_smile:

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You can also view and edit the vitalskin file in a text editor.