Skin design question: modulation meters?

I’m working on a skin, and I think I’ve figured out what everything does, but I can’t for the life of me change the color of the modulation meters (at least, that’s what I think they’re called). In the attached screenshot, they’re the little colored lines that move up and down in the black line to the left of the LFOs.

Mine are showing up as yellow, but I don’t have any yellow specified in the JSON, so I don’t know where it’s getting that color.



I’m going to answer my own question here. It appears that the global “Widget Primary 1” and “Widget Primary 2” govern the colors of the modulation meter (maybe “modulation meter” is the wrong term).

If the mod is not stereo, the two colors seem to be overlapped (perhaps added together?). Otherwise, Widget Primary 1 governs one channel, and Widget Primary 2 governs the other channel.

Unfortunately this means that your ENVs, LFOs, and Random all have to use the same colors.

I definitely think the colors are summed somehow. When it is a mono modulator, the color is much brighter than when you use stereo.

This also has some weird stuff tied into it (like the highlight in the menu, for example).

I wonder if this is a bug, and perhaps this color should be driven from the Modulation Meter value (not sure what that is supposed to do)

The “Rotary Arc” parameter define the colour of modulation meter icon.

Are we talking about the same thing? I’m referring to the little yellow “blips” moving vertically in the black bar.

Sorry, no I was talking about the circle things…

They all have their own Widget Primary 1 and 2 settings though.

Unfortunately, setting primary colors on the LFO does not affect that little meter. It only affects the LFO widget area with the LFO curve.

Well if it couldn’t be changed we’d all have the same color so it’s got to be in there somewhere. Mine follows the color scheme but I only use a couple of different shades, I’m not trying to color everything differently as I find that distracting.


You can change it, but it is governed by the global widget colors. Which means that the ENV, LFO, and Random can’t have different colors for those little meters.

I feel like this might be a bug, since there are modulation meter colors in the skin JSON, but they don’t seem to do anything.