Signed up for Plus, did not see 250 patches more in library

Should I ask for my money back? I only wanted to pay the 25$ because I thought I would be receiving an extended library of patches, but nothing has changed in the plug-in in Logic Pro. I don’t know how to remedy this and don’t know how to contact any kind of customer support. Any help would be appreciated.

Something to try:
Launch Vital as a standalone app (not as a plugin within Logic).
Via the menu, logout.
Via the menu, login again.

Hopefully this will trigger the download of patches.

Also, perhaps confirm that your upgrade to Plus has worked correctly by checking your account details on the vital website (

Yeah like andrew said try launching the standalone vital app.

Vital only checks for new content once per DAW session so you would have to close Logic and reopen it for Vital to grab the new content.

If that doesn’t work let me know!

Ok it seemed to have just taken a few restarts with the app and Logic to work. Thank you so much for responding to my inquiry!

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