Sign in trouble fixed

Couldn’t sign in using vst in DAW, tried with standalone and worked like a charm. FYI for all those having issues.

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That’s what I did (worked for me) and I suspected that it would not work for others because they ran it as a plugin. Cheers


I obviously tried running as a plugin first, but saw all the recommendations to run it standalone first, but whenever I try to open the .exe, it opens for a split second and immediately crashes. It shows up in task manager for a second but also just crashes.

So… no idea what to do

How will this work on Mac? Tried to load the VST from my VST folder, but that just opens Ableton. Running Mojave, Ableton 10.1.25. Still same issue - “an internal error has occurred” .

Well - it works! Thanks. I found out there’s actually a standalone app on Mac as well. :wink:

What is the standalone app for Windows?