Sign in;internal error msg Ableton 10 Mac

Is anyone else getting an “Internal error has occured” when trying to sign in when using AU/VST in their DAW? Im running Ableton 10.1.9 on a Macbook Pro 10.13.4 high sierra. pleaseee tell me there’s an update coming soon for this!


Try logging in using the standalone version

I can log in on the standalone just fine and mess around with sounds. its only when I’m in ableton and try signing in I get the error message. I even tried having the stand alone open while i open ableton but no luck.

I have had the same issue as above. I have even reset my password 3 separate times, not ever being able to get into the vst inside Ableton. I am on Windows 10 Home latest update. Would love to get my hands dirty in this synth. Anyone please help.