Show Your Noodling/Patchwork

Hi everyone! The rampant consumerism season is upon us once again. I, and I’m sure many of you, are being bombarded and tempted with deals deals deals… synth XYZ for bla bla discount etc etc.

We think: “Omg I want!” We start to talk ourselves into how this new purchase is totally a game changer bla bla bla.

What helps me is going back to Vital and noodle up some patches to do a sanity check an be reminded again that programming Vital is fun and the sounds you can get rival many synths out there (except for Dune… sorry Vital… please don’t punch me in the throat! I just can’t replicate that sound!)

Anywhoo… long story short: I thought it would be neat if we can share some noodling media in here in which we noodle a patch from scratch or maybe show off a patch we just noodled together (which is what I am doing here).

So here’s a patch I noodled to get analog vibes an ward off the evil Arturia V collection lure (lol)
Forgive my dreadful playing… I’m not a player at all, but I do enjoy making sounds and putting idea’s together.



Ok, here’s another patch where I actually resampled the first two oscillators into the third.

Another one for today. This one started out as a super-saw plucky patch and morphed it into a 7th tone fat bass sequence:

Edit… the bass sequence setting will be improved enabling legato.

Don’t be fooled by Vital’s digital appearance :wink:

Here’s my last video, promoting a free pack I just relased

in my channel you can find many more tutorials and “patchworking” if you’re into that sort of things :smiley:


For the ones that have been asking @teksonik below are the two variations of the big poly patch video:

AS JP800 Saw v1.vital (219.2 KB) AS JP800 Saw v2.vital (219.3 KB)


Cool thanks! Very nice patches. Here are a couple of analog style patches I did some time ago. I think Vital is highly underrated as a VA…:smiley: Analogic Rise Tek.vital (2.2 MB) AnaLush Tek.vital (170.2 KB)


Awesome, thanks for sharing! I like those patches. YES Vital is completely underrated. A lot of stuff you see on YouTube on Vital quickly jumps into the harsh sounds because, you know… WAVETABLE and Serum etc etc.

My only complaint about Vital is that as soon as the voices goes beyond like 8 or 10 the CPU usage goes up considerably… Although I am on a 2012 Mac Pro, but it is still quite capable for my other VI’s along with my RME Babyface.

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Here’s an 80’s Digital inspired patch

Sasha’s Xpander is an iconic track in electronic music. This video shows the patch I made in Vital and FX chain in Guitar rig with modulation in attempt to recreate that iconic sound.

A walkthrough in patch design where I make a basic vintage analog sounding pad:


The main sound (at the opening) is Vital:

Messed around in Vital… created some eerie sequenced sounds…