Shepard's Tone Feedback [RESOLVED]

I absolutely love Shepard’s Tones. This feature is so much fun for me.

I noticed that while it’s seamless on complex waveforms like a saw wave, with simpler waves like sines I can very audibly hear the click when it resets back to 0 (using saw-up LFO to mod), which ruins the illusion. Not sure why that would be the case. I also noticed that any time I apply WT distortion like Bend or Squeeze it also clicks when resetting, saw waves included. This might be unavoidable; idk because I am not a programmer.

Overall this is an amazing feature that is very much appreciated, and if it improves to work with any WT it’ll be godly. Here’s to infinite risers.

Have you tried setting the ‘Smooth’ parameter of the LFO to zero?


LOL. That did the trick. Never mind, thank you. :joy: