Sharing projects across multiple machines

I’m not sure if this counts as a Vital bug so let me explain my situation. I have several computers that I work on and I keep my projects synced in my iCloud. I “collect all and save” between sessions in Live to ensure that I can immediately start my work whenever I move to my other machines. This usually saves any parameters in any VST plugins and Audio Units used by the project.

However in Vital, the parameters tend to reset to an initial patch when I open up the project on another machine. Every other synth I’ve used stores the parameters somehow so that I don’t have to save the sound I’m currently working on as a preset ensure it works on other machines. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it’s a bit clunky having to remember to save the patches for all instances of vital in a given project before I can open it on another machine. This isn’t always a fix either, I have had to make share my preset folder on both my machines through iCloud to and manually add them to vital to fix in the past.

All my machines are running the same version of Ableton Live 10 and 1.0.7 of Vital.
Hope you can help.

Are you actually losing the parameters, or just the preset name? I find that very often I open up Vital on a project I’ve worked on, and the preset name is “init preset” (or whatever the init name is). But the patch is still there. It would be unusable if the parameters changed.

Although I don’t want to downplay how annoying the loss of the preset name is. I have like 50 basses that I like to use. I can’t tell which one I’m using in an old project just by sound alone. If I edit the preset and I want to save it, I might want to save it as “cool bass - extra rez” or something, where “cool bass” is the original patch name

All parameters are initialising

It wouldn’t be a problem for me really if just the name was missing.
the other thing I’ve been doing is duplicating any vital tracks and bouncing to audio but it means I can’t edit the sound on the other machine.

That really does suck. I would find that very limiting, that you can’t make a subtle tweak to the patch on the other machine. Are the machines all running the same OS? I’m guessing one or more are Macs. Any Windows in the mix?

yeah its all the same os ableton and vital version

Can you double check the Vital version?
I’ve had reports the installer doesn’t actually upgrade the plugin in some cases.

ahh 2 secs other machine is running 1.0.3. awkward ill let you know if this resolves the issue

Edit: I updated to the latest version, and one of the channels suddenly started working in a tune im working on but the other did not. so It’s unclear if the problem has been resolved. I will reply to this thread once again if I encounter the same problem in another project.

I just wanted to say I was having this issue. Updating the plugin manually from the installer on the secondary machine and then re-opening the project file did fix it for me!