Sharing presets between version/platforms

I’ve made a preset, on v1.0.3 (MacOS), and I wanted to share it with a friend who’s on Windows and on v1.0.2
I understand that because new features can be added in the future which will make make presets incompatible eventually, but I was wondering if presets could stay compatible between versions/platforms, as long as they’ve been created in between major updates (incremental versions).
Otherwise, that would make presets sharing quite complicated … as well as maintaining the future shop, where people will be able to buy presets.

Whenever a new build releases for Vital it does so for every platform it supports, this is a bonus of using an automated pipeline for this.

I suggest that your friend updates the windows version to 1.0.3 and then the patches are platform independent due to the way they are stored!

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It’s working on his side now. The only thing he said, is that once imported the preset is shown as “Init Preset”, and doesn’t display the real preset’s name apparently.

This is a known issue! Will be fixed ASAP

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