Several requests for the Wavetable editor

The ability to copy and paste audio file sources in WT editor. So you can duplicate audio layers in the WT editor and do different things to each layer, always produces cool results, but it’s annoying to have to keep dragging the original file across for each new audio layer.

The ability to frame blend would really help sometimes with abrupt changes.

The ability to zoom in on the WT waveform drawing graph vertically/horizontally.

The ability to normalize a wavetable by each frame.

The ability to blend WT modifier effects spectrally with like a graph like the spectral filter has in the morphing knob, and even better if you could morph that filter over time. That way you could have something like a phase shift modifier apply only in certain parts of the spectrum, and you could then key-frame the filter so it could end up applying to the opposite part of the spectrum by the end.

The ability to select parts of your waveform, and copy and paste them elsewhere.

I understand some of these are quite difficult to do.