Setting the oversample rate globally (for all presets)

I’ve been having a lot of issues with Vital presets locking up or creating noise due to CPU overload (running Vital on an old Dell Inspiron in Reaper)

Almost every preset won’t play properly until I go into the Advance tab and change the Oversampling rate to 1X (Draft) from the 2X default.

Also, when I change the oversampling rate to 1X for a given preset I have to “save” it after making that change to retain that rate, correct?

Is there a global setting either in Reaper or Vital to change that default oversampling rate or another setting (like increasing the buffer) that would allow these beautiful presets to play as the good maker intended?


Not currently, global parameters are highly requested so we may see them in the future.

Well dang. Thank you for the reply.

in each preset it seems like the oversampling value is set in plain text so maybe it would be possible to make a script that can search and replace for “oversampling”:1.0 and replace with “oversampling”:0.0, …1.0, …2.0 or …3.0 which are the oversampling modes. the preset files seem to be in a format with an extra long amount of characters per line so the question is if anything would be damaged by editing the plain text portion of a prest. ask a coder though, don’t want to ruin all your presets.

This is entirely possible, you’ll just need to convert the file into a dictionary, to work with python, and then you can just change the value and dump it back. Always do test runs and make backups before you do anything on mass.

maybe it would be better in future to omit that parameter from preset saving and make oversampling a per-instance plugin-state setting for daw recall only.

My ears aren’t good enough to tell the difference between oversampling amounts in a mix, but if i could hear a difference i would want to modify the instance of vital and not necessarily write those changes into a preset.

it’s a tough decision though, since one would want to showcase their presets in the best possible light. that being said, i can’t hear the difference or at least i don’t focus on those kind of subtleties when auditioning a preset.

there are reasons to have it in the preset, since it can affect the sound quite a bit in the higher frequencies for example. also aliasing is different and the fx sound different. i would even go so far to say this might be a feature for some sounds. the only viable solution would be a user settable choice to have certain parameters excluded from a preset recall, so they stay the same no matter what is loaded. i think other synths call it a lock function or similar

i see, but my ear’s not sophisticated to hear the difference, mainly since i’m not listening for it. but that isn’t to say that someone else might not be listening for that first and foremost!

i reckon the best solution is already in place. I like to set everything at no oversampling since it helps with my tired old 8 year old cpu.

Is there a way to set everything to “no oversampling” globally?

Like is there a setting in windows or in a DAW like Reaper to remove oversampling altogether?

It’s program independent for vital at least, you can set a global fx rack oversampling in reaper.