Setting MIDI in reaper

Hi, just one question.

How to map parameters what i like to faders, knobs what i want ?
I have Reaper and Nektar Technology IMPACT LX25+
Maybe i have this trouble because im MIDI newbie :slight_smile:

right click the knob/fader, select assign midi device, move the knob/fader on your device.

in reaper piano roll, at the bottom you see velocity, click the little “plus”, new line appears, choose the cc number which matches the cc number from the knob you assigned to vital. now you can automate that control with reaper. (draw shapes freely or use additional lfos)

Hi, thanks for answer. Ill try. But the Forst metod, right click on vital knob or fader, choosing assign midi and then move hardware pots does work only with standalone.

But i better try the second option you mentioned

you have to choose the right settings in reaper for your midi device first.

midi stuff is little bit complicated at the beginning. :slight_smile: