Send stochas to Vital synth

I have stochas and Vital opened on my MacBook. Both work in standalone and stochas is playing but no sound.How do I get get
stochas to play thru Vital?? The Vital keyboard has sound and Stochas is working but no sound…

Sorry never used stochas, but I assume it might need to be an in DAW set up to send the midi?
I assume you’ll need a program to send the midi from one app to another whether it’s a daw or something else like Midiox or something, Im not very familiar

I haven’t used Stochas either, but there’s a manual, maybe beginning at page 12?

The manual is before Stochas went FLOSS, so there may be a new one, but if not, maybe the old might help.

Another thing might be to go into your audio/midi setups in both apps, as well as in your Mac system.

Presumably, you want to output Stochas midi in/from a Stochas setting, so get that and/or your Mac audio working first, then see about how Vital inputs/accepts midi.
I think Vital has a third party manual, if an official one hasn’t been written.

"Why does Stochas not run on my older OS Mac

The oldest mac OS version that is supported is 10.11. We believe this is due to the JUCE framework that is used for Stochas." ~ FAQ | Stochas

Audio MIDI Setup for Mac:

Vital User Manual — Hookline

As a related aside, I used to have an old Virsyn Cube 32 bit working as a standalone that I wanted to get my 64 bit DAW (Ardour) to play/accept the sound from and record it, but I sort of gave up before even trying.

In any case, if anyone would like to shoot me a suggestion in that regard, please feel free.