Scroll up/down with arrow keys

Would be a very useful feature to have, especially through long lists of presets/samples…


+1 yes please

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Yes please !

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Another +1 for this, please!

Edit: Also for other parts of the interface where there are long lists as well - oscillators, filters, etc.


I like keyboard shortcuts that reduce the need to reach for the mouse.

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+1 yep - was thinking this today

+1!! really missing this… at least in Preset Browser


I was just about to create a new topic “cycle through presets with arrow keys”
please tag this as a feature request

+1 - I accidentally try the arrow keys every time I’m in Vital.

Another +1 here. That and UNDO would help a lot.

+1 Up/Down Presets Browsing and where is need too :slight_smile:


Christmas is over so I will stop grinching and tell you this…

…actually you all lucky that iffogo bumped this thread. Didn´t know this is a secret.

Something happend a few days ago…
… you just change a preset with a mouse click on the left or right arrow. then stay with the cursor on the arrow and use your favorite bodypart to accidently press return key.

For me this worked! xD

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yes! cool! works! nice find!
works on other arrow-icon within the gui as well
nice find
still not the same as arrow up/down imho…

great didn´t test it on the other arrows.

yes keyboard arrow left/right for presets and up for samples and down for wavetables or something would be better. Or make it possible to connect the arrows freely to diffrent things…

But with the return key it is still way better than using mouse everytime.

A 1000 time yes please! playing the keyboard with my right hand and pressing de up/down arrow keys with my left is so much easier than trying to click the next preset with the mouse whilst having my right hand remain on the keyboard.

Leaving the mouse cursor on the arrow is impossible if you are using the mouse to click keys on the keyboard.

For me, right hand on the mouse and left hand on the keyboard arrows is the best way to go. That way I can select a preset, click a few notes, modify macros to get a feel for it, then hit the keyboard arrow and go to the next preset. Ideally, a keyboard shortcut to set the preset as a favourite completes the package. Really useful when working through new preset libraries.

plus one for this as well. The arrows work in the preset browser but not on the main gui screen