Screen flashes when opening Vital

So recently I bought a new monitor, Samsung odyssey g5, and I noticed that when I open Vital’s window, my screen flashes black and returns to normal as if the monitor restarts. The same happens when I close Vital window. Never had this problem before. The monitor is connected through display port.

I’m using Windows 11 and FL Studio 20.7.2, Vital 1.5.5. No crashes, only happens with Vital, not with other vsts

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I’m getting flashing screen in Cubase, LG38", intel built in i7 graphics. Current latest download 1.5.5. My screen will actually turn to black in some cases. 100% only Vital issue.

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I am seeing the same issue with version 1.5.5. using Windows 11, Dell XPS 15 9530

If I drag the Vital window from my Laptop screen to one of my 4K monitor screens, then the 4k monitor screen goes black until I drag the Vital window back to the Laptop display. This happens on either 4K monitor and no other applications have this issue.

I can stop this from happening if I drag the Vital window to my Laptop display and change the Vital Window size (to anything really). Once this is done, I can drag the Vital window back to my 4k screen without issue, until the next time I reopen Vital. Then I have to do this process again

This process ONLY seems to work using Vital standalone… I have yet to get the VST3 to stop turning my 4k screen black

Please let me know if I need to do anything to get this bumped up on the priority list. This is affecting my ability to use this plugin since I don’t use my Laptop display much at all.