Scale settings save in presets?

I’ve been exploring scala and kbd scale in Vital and find that once a scale is entered, it applies to all presets, till Vital is restarted when that all vanishes and Vital reverts to default scale…

I like this application of an imported scale to successive presets and don’t want this gotten rid of.

But, if there’s a way to keep that function, but to allow one to save a user preset WITH its imported scale but without destroying that function generally, that would be nice.

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There is a very easy way to keep the tuning just in the preset.
Use the Octave note modulator with the fine tuning or/and the transpose in the advanced page, after you rule it in the matrix page.
GTune vst is a perfect tuner for that.
We can have fine tuning and keyboard mapping, works only for tuning up to 12 notes.

Pluck Spread Flange --Tuned.vital (204.6 KB)
In this preset, an heptatonic scale on white keys, a pentatonic on black keys.
Note that you have to rule the 12 notes one by one.
Vital is a modular thing, there is always a solution for everything. I love this synth.

Thanks! ‘Note in Octave’ function is new to me, I will look at it and see if I can figure it out!

I’ve now had a chance to look into this and have no idea what you’re doing! “Use the Octave note modulator with the fine tuning or/and the transpose in the advanced page, after you rule it in the matrix page.” - I can’t find any octave note modulator or ‘Note in Octave’ in Advanced, and have no idea what you mean by “after you rule it in the matrix page”, could you break it down a lot more, or refer me to resource/links discussing these features? Thx

ps Here’s what I do seem to understand. There’s some seemingly hidden way in Advanced to view up to 12 notes in a scale [as your screen cap shows] and to adjust their frequencies one by one with 'fine tuning and/or the transpose" adjusting by trial and error and using Gtune to see when at the right f.

Octave note is one of the 8 modulators in the right corner. (OCT NOTE)

Here is the place where you put your modulation in advanced page (tune or/and transpose)
TRANSPOSE is useful for keyboard mapping,TUNE for fine tuning.


Thanks for your reply, at least getting closer.

Those 8 modulation buttons do nothing when clicked except form mysterious green bars to their lefts. They can be dragged to items like filters etc to modulate their behaviors; ‘Oct Note’ modulates its parameters differently depending on which note in the octave is played. Nothing tried opens up the adjustable bar graph of the notes in a scale shown in your earlier screen capture. Dragging Oct Note to and associating it with Tune/Transpose in Advanced as shown in your screen cap associate the modulation, but fail to open any such graphic representation of notes in a scale or to open any options to edit any such values, including when right-clicking. Nor have numerous searches on this forum and google revealed anything further. So, please elaborate more! Thx

ps I’m guessing this somehow involves the Matrix page once Oct Note association w Tune appears there, but I see no such options there either

Yes you are right, you can rules the notes in the modulation matrix, an important thing, the value of the modulation (0 to 2), for a werkmeister III, 0.5 is enough, as you can see one the first picture, to rules the note, the grid is 13 colomns, better than 12 to see what note you rule. Sellect the step mode.
I admit that is a little bit tricky, but its so cool, you can tune oscillators and sample with different tuning in the same preset, funny, you store your tunings in the LFO bank.
Werckmeister’s temperament III.vital (172.2 KB)
Werckmeister III -Fine (552 Bytes) The LFO in the zip
Hope it helps

Well, I appreciate you continuing to reply!

OK, when I open its Matrix remap box I can increase X steps to 13 and create a 13 step bar graph. The 1st and last bar seem to map to C and changing them has no effect. The other bars change tuning of the other notes. getting close.

I guess this is enough I could create alt tuning which I understand will be saved with its preset!

Why do 1st/last notes in the bar graph heights make no difference?

Changing bar graph height for other notes changes their pitch but over multiple octaves, must these be tuned to form a single octave?

I don’t understand “an important thing, the value of the modulation (0 to 2)”, there are no numerical x/y values in the Mod Remap box.

I don’t understand “Sellect the step mode.” or what Step or the other Modes do or mean? I got something kind of working starting with Linear, didn’t touch the Mode dropdown.


As I use 13 steps, the last one is not effective, the B key is on the step 12.
For the first step, you have to move a dot, you can see it on the picture, there are 2 dots on the same line, only one change the pitch.

The value of modulation for the fine parameter is 0 to 2, 0.5 is enough for a “Werkmeister”, for a meantone (mésotonique in french) 1 or 1.5 is better, if the value is low its easer to rule.
If you want I can upload some tuning I use to put in the lfo folder.

Where did you learn this stuff, tinga?? Anyway, to an extent now I can create scales in Vital, which is great and an unknown capacity! Thanks!

I didn’t get to your last post yet, they are always very challenging, but it is sinking in a little. Sure lfo files sound great, you need to specify the exact folder to put them, I couldn’t find the folder for the werkmeister one you gave a couple posts ago, or how to apply them to scales? Well, no worries on all that really. ok later