Scala, contacts and support

Just got Pro version of this interesting synth! I have a couple questions which perhaps unwisely I’m posting in the same thread?

1] I want to know how to load and use scala scales and files within this particular synth, which I understand are supported, but find no description of how to do this in search of forum, in the unofficial manual posted in the forum, or in the videos I watched. Can someone direct me to information on this topic?

2] I received no confirmation email for my purchase, though the synth is working in Ableton. By the way no contact info of any kind seems to exist on the main website, or any Support options, except that within the forum it is possible to message the admin or moderator once signed in only.

I received an email to click to confirm my own email, from Anyway - all support is through the forum or the above email?


  1. Not sure how support works. Paid members get a “badge” on their forum icon and, from my observation, received faster direct support from Tytel himself.

Thanks! I did succeed in importing a scl file!

Do you know by chance if to use a scl with its kbm file in this software, one imports both one by one and they work together [my understanding is kbm just assigns which notes in the octave the scl uses]… I will figure this out ok I guess, but don’t have a good example to try immediately… the import dialog box doesn’t allow importing the 2 files simultaneously.

Sorry, no clue. Havent worked much with scala, too intimidating.

For anyone with these questions in the future, just a note that when one imports scl and its separate associated kbd file, they do indeed work correctly together in Vital! This makes it the only SW synth I have that will do this [have to experiment, just downloaded MTS VST which also says it can do this and so perhaps allows scl/kbd use for many instruments within a DAW if this vst is also used.]

Scale imported, continues to play when changing presets, butdisappears if restarting,and new preset created with scale dos NOT save that scale but goes back to 12 tone equal temperament when restarting Vital.