SC Envelope Follower

I would like to see an envelope follower as a modulator for sidechain input Audio.

Imaging modulating a growl by playing an instrument like a bass guitar or setting a filter effect in a groove of a drum loop.


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wish there was some extra envelope follower gizmo in vital that could be freely listening to whatever, and available in the matrix. but for now, it can be done in daws like reaper and bitwig with parameter modulation.

i guess the best place for such a module to “live” would be in the matrix.

Yeah, that is also on my wish list.

Then they probably would need to add a sidechain input, which potentially also could be used as an audio input, to use the effects and filters. Maybe something like a button that could replace an oscillator and use it as an audio input and then you can route it as any other oscillator. It would probably be easier to do this, than creating a second effect plugin. I could work with it like that.

2 birds with one stone :slight_smile: