Saving wavetable as .wav file doesn't work correct

It saves the wavetable in 16bit and 88.2khz and that’s a total unusal format. Nobody needs this.
Beside this, the lenght is wrong and there are cracles in that .wav without end !
A user would expect that the .wav is saved as 32 bit floating at 44.1 khz and with the modifications made in the wavetable editor and with the applied high resolution wavetable morph function.
In this state the feature “Save wavetable as .wav” is
not usable !

Wouldn’t you expect it to save a wavetable at the frequency you’re working with? I agree that 16bit is unacceptable, but frequency… there should probably be an option to keep it like the original, or convert it into a frequency you’re working with in your DAW. Personally, I only trust Voxengo R8brain when it comes to sample rate conversion, so I convert samples to 48kHz, the frequency I’m always working with, beforehand using the sample within the project or some sampler or a synth.

I’m using .wavs saved by Vital as wavetables in Dune 3 without any problem so the “Save Wavetable as .wav” is not unusable. I’m finding it quite useful.

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That is complete nonsense what you are writing here !
If you import a sample via “Pitch detect” and then modify a bit in the wavetable editor and then call the “Save as .wav” it stores a totall shit. It has not the original lenghts, has cracles, not the right pitch, an abnormal sample frequence, etc.
It’s very obvious that you have nothing to do with sound design !
Test it in the way I decribed and you will hear and see the shity results !
If you really think this function works correct then upload a wavetable saved as .wav which has previous imported as a sample to wavetable.

The sample rate doesn’t matter as the data is the same no matter what the sample rate. I find when it’s 88.2 that you can just play the audio file and hear what the wavetable sounds like better than at 44.1 so that’s why I chose that sample rate.

As for 16bit, I’m assuming that the wavetable is normalized to 0dB which gives ~100dB sound to noise ratio. Since it’s normalized you don’t really need the extra bits to filter out any more noise. If you have an example of some sound quality loss because it’s 16 bit you can upload the wavetables here and I’ll consider adding a 32bit export option.


Drusus, I’ve been doing sound design for decades. Maybe that’s why Save to .Wav is working just fine for me and I’ve been using .wavs saved from Vital to make cool patches in other synths. Maybe you just need to learn how it works.

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Some audio cards or audio-units don’t support 88.2 kHz.
Beside this, you as the dev. should give an example that this feature work correct.
Import a speaking voice via pitch detect and save it as .vitaltable and .wav and upload both. Then any user could see if that feature works as expected or not !
I have made an other experience.

I hope you paid the full $80 to demand this level of support with such a shitty attitude :+1:


Drusus why don’t YOU upload an example of a “sh*tty waveform” that you’ve created so we can see what you’re doing wrong ?

Please provide a link to some of your sound design work. I’d be really interested to hear the results.

This shitty attitude works for me very well with Serum, in the suitable bit-resolution and samplerate and without cracles.
I am wondering why you post here if you are not concerned by this function, are you paranoid ?
You did not contribute to any solution, but only posting useless comments !

I wonder why you post here since the problem is clearly your fault. I and others are happily using the Save to . Wav function.

Your useless whining serves no purpose at all.

But just as I thought you’re all talk.

Perhaps Vital is just too much synth for you.

Yes I have many times already and it works just fine. Not only to re-import back into Vital but to use in other synths as well.

I’m not sure what you’re doing wrong but you’re doing something wrong. Notice no one else is complaining about it ? That should be a clue right there.

There is no reason for further posting.

Could you please tell me under what name you sell presets?
I would not want to accidentaly support someone with such a horrible childish behavior like yours.
I have been roaming in vst and sound designing forums and threads for years and years and i never-ever came across a person who would call other members, “pigs”.
Thank you.



You’re not reporting a possible bug in a meaningful way by providing sufficient details like computer/environment specs or any any screenshots or recordings or any evidence at all really and on top f that you are insulting other members here.

Come back when you actually have something of substance to report and can do so without being a dick about it. Then you will be doing the dev and community a solid.

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I have to admit that exporting a wavetable to .wav using 16bit/88.2 kHz is a bit unusual…
I tried it with Ableton Live’s Wavetable synth and I can’t use the exported .wav directly…

BUT: I guess there are a ton of other requests/bugfixes in the pipeline which are more important.

So I think it would be nice if Matt sometimes finds some time to implement exporting wavetables to .wav as 32bit floating point/44.1 kHz but I don’t think it’s - hold on - “vital” :wink:

In my opinion Vital is a really great and extremely affordable synth and others would charge 100$++ for such a thing!!!

Thank you, Matt!

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This thread got a little out of hand so I’m locking it.
Please keep things civil.