Saving presets in specified folder instead of default "User"?

I’m trying to find a workflow where I could easily choose where to save a new preset.
Actually by default it save everything into the “User” folder preset, becoming a mess inside.
That’s sound stupid but I didn’t find a different way. How could I save presets in a specified folder ?
Like I’m game dev and I would like separate bank/preset folder for each games I’m working on.

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Just create a new folder with the name of the game add the “presets” folder under it and move the presets there. Yes it may be a small hassle but I know Matt is busy re-writing the code for Vital and a lot of things will be different, so for now that’s the advice I can give you.

By moving do you mean manually cut from user and paste to new folder ?
I didn’t know Vital is being rewriting, What are the reasons ? It’s going to stay free ?

Yes. Create a new folder named after the game you’re working on. Make sure you make a new folder under your game name folder and name it “Presets” then you can move/ cut paste all your xxx.vital files there.
…\Vital\name of game\Presets\xxx.vital

Matt said that the coding used now makes it a lot of work for him to make future updates and corrections. That’s why he is re-writing the code. I believe it’ll still be free.

Check out his YouTube channel where he just posted another video today with new stuff being added.

You can also create sub folders under User/Presets to keep all your patches in one location but still have them separated by projects:

I’m the preset browser, clicking on User will show all your presets. Double clicking will show all sub folders you created and clicking a subfolder will only show presets in that folder.

You can do the same for wavetables and LFOs.

Chapter 2 could be interesting for you! :grinning: