Saving Custom Presets

I never actually got around to making my own presets but now that I have I’m having problems with saving them

Basically, once I finish the sound I want, I click the save preset Icon, choose a name and then I click save.
The problem is the preset doesn’t show up anywhere and it just says I’m using an initialized preset

Any help would be appreciated!

Did you look inside the user folder ?


Funny enough, I don’t actually have that folder, can I just make one?

Try it , are the presets located at :

C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Vital\ ?

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Sorry for the late reply again, I’m not getting notifications for some reason.
I tried to make a folder myself but it didn’t show up in Vital. I don’t really know what’s happening…? It’s weird, I’m pretty sure it used to work for me in the first few days.

Did you move the folder ?

Maybe copy some presets in the folder and see if they show up ?

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I managed to get it working! I had to make another folder named “Presets” inside the user folder.
It’s basically what you said. Thanks for the answers, I appreciate it!

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Cool :+1:

BTW that folder is also used for :